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Bacon Wrapped Tater Tots

Bacon Wrapped Tater Tots

Recipe Type:  Starters
Servings  4
1    large bag frozen tater tots, extra crispy  
1  pound  bacon, sliced medium  
4    Scallions  
3  tablespoon  sour cream  
0.5  cup  cheddar cheese, shredded  

  1. Wrap each tater tot with a piece of bacon and place into the Fry Basket. Do not overcrowd.

  2. Place the Fry Basket into the Power Air Fryer XL.

  3. Press the M Button to scroll to the French Fries Icon.

  4. Press the Power Button & adjust cooking time to 8 minutes at 400 degrees.

  5. When the timer is done, transfer tater tots to a plate.

  6. Spread cheese and scallions over the hot tater tots. Serve with sour cream. 

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