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Mummy Pizza
Mummy Pizza
Recipe Type:  Holiday Recipes
Servings  4
2    English muffins  
0.5  cup  tomato sauce  
8  slice  Mozzarella cheese (sliced into pieces)  
0.5  cup  sliced black or green olives  

1. Split open the English muffins and toast them in the Power Air Fryer XL. Set to 370F for 2 minutes 2. Remove from the Air Fryer. Spread 1 heaping tablespoon of tomato sauce over the English muffins 3. Stack two slice of cheese. Slice into strips. Repeat. 4. Lay strips of cheese over the tomato sauce leaving room for the olive slices as eyes 5. Place the mummy pizza into the Power Air Fryer XL. Set to 370F for 2 minutes. 6. Remove and Enjoy