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Bratwurst & Pickle Kabobs
Recipe Type:  Pork
Servings  5
4    fully cooked bratwurst cut into 1 inch medallions  
4    dill pickles cut into 1/2 inch medallions  
20    pretzel nuggets, thawed  
0.25  cup  pretzel salt  
0    Spicy Mustard for serving  

1. Place 5 bratwurst medallions and 4 pickle medallions onto a skewer of a Power Air Fryer Oven, alternating the meat and pickles. 2. Make 4 more meat and pickle skewers. 3. Skewer 4 pretzel nuggets onto a skewer. 4. Brush water over the nuggets and sprinkle with some pretzel salt. 5. Make 4 more pretzel skewers. 6. Clip the skewers onto the skewer attachment, alternating skewers of pretzels and meat. 7. Cook for 10 minutes at 350 degrees. 8. Serve hot with spicy mustard.